How to Create an Epic Atmosphere for Football Match Viewers?

Football Match

A long since passed the days when football match enthusiasts would gather in large numbers for ninety minutes, only to abruptly exit the stadium when the final whistle blew. Sporting venues and stadiums ought to be perceived as pivotal nodes where enthusiasts convene in unison due to a mutual enthusiasm for the sport; the ambiance there is equally memorable as the outcome of the game they attended. An approach to motivating patrons to prolong their stay at a venue is to provide amusement and loyalty incentives both prior to and following the game.

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Pre-Match and Post-Match Entertainment 

Incorporating novel entertainment options, such as live band performances (recently added post-match to the brand-new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium), guest music playlists curated by celebrity admirers (as observed at The Etihad), and concurrent game screens (which display other events), can incentivize football match enthusiasts to arrive early and remain late. This, in turn, will sustain the celebratory ambiance and ultimately bolster stadium revenue. An increasing number of concourses in the league are featuring premium food halls and well-designed hospitality facilities, which serve to enhance and prolong the matchday experience. 

Emancipating the Supporting Audience 

In a time when match-day broadcasting is more accessible and pervasive than ever before, stadiums face intense competition to motivate supporters to attend the game in person. Consequently, it is their responsibility to offer spectators a more engaging and immersive experience compared to simply observing the game from the convenience of their residences or local pubs. 

Stadiums must endeavor to provide inside-the-venue spectators with an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the game in a manner that is not feasible from the exterior of the venue. For instance, involving them in the determination of the man-of-the-match or motivating them to contribute to social media discussions via high-speed Wi-Fi within the stadium. Incorporating the most exhilarating elements of “couch viewing” with the added thrill of observing and engaging in the live action is crucial. 

Football Match

Mitigating Fan Dissatisfaction 

Queuing is one of the most frequently cited complaints at sporting events, according to our research. To what extent have you been dissuaded from attending the commencement of a game by the endless lines at the bar, or have you forgone a halftime burger to observe each minute of the final half? 

Embracing Contactless Solutions

Birmingham City and other Championship clubs have implemented this time-efficient solution in response to reports that cash is used for only 34% of transactions in the United Kingdom. The integration of contactless solutions is increasingly recognized as an essential contemporary practice. In addition to reducing queue durations, these systems furnish organizers with streamlined and practical data, which collectively enhances the fan experience and guarantees that patrons are able to witness each moment of the game. 

Promoting an Inviting and Secure Atmosphere

All match-day and club-wide personnel must be reminded of the importance of preserving a hospitable atmosphere. The club personnel are vital. They frequently serve as the club’s representatives in the public eye during match days. This favorable perception will contribute to the enhancement of the overall fan experience by furnishing valuable guidance and information and by fostering a positive ambiance for the event. Considerable kindness matters! 

Ensuring Venue Security and Safety

Ensure the security and safety of the matchday environment and the surrounding venue, including the parking lot. This could entail fulfilling compliance obligations as occupants of the structure or athletic facility, in addition to fulfilling any security prerequisites that may be deemed essential. Although the carparks may be council property in many clubs, any criminal activity or damage that transpires on match day could potentially damage the club’s reputation and generate negative publicity for the club. 

Prioritizing Stadium Infrastructure

As patrons prefer to be seated in an elegant and comfortable venue for matches, the ongoing improvement of the stadium infrastructure, whether it be new or extant, should continue to be a top priority. Provide covered areas or seating so that spectators do not have to stand for the duration of the event. In addition to offering weather protection, it maximizes the amount of time supporters spend in the club, contributes to their safety, and improves the overall fan experience. During the winter months, even the most devoted supporters will find it difficult to stand outside in the rain; considering that football match is a winter sport in New Zealand, this will deter many. 

Revolutionizing Payment Processes

Queuing is the least desirable aspect of attending a football match, according to 62% of football match fans; therefore, stadiums must implement measures to improve their payment processes and offer a more streamlined, anxiety-free experience. Carrying currency is rapidly becoming obsolete for the majority of individuals, and the majority of enthusiasts endorse more suitable alternatives such as mobile and card payments. 

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